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Things that are complete:

All games for regular season, playoffs, and USOC games are accounted for

All full games (both audio and video) are linked to

All known video highlights are uploaded and linked to

All physical programs and stampede sheets are linked to

All pre-2011 games with match reports, stampede sheets, writeups have them uploaded

Upload all saved goals, audio and video, all that were hosted on Rhinos site

Things to do:

Add table to USOC page with team's full name and what league

Playoffs and USOC pre-2010 do not all have match reports, these need to be created

All games 2011-2022 need match reports created

Need to search for articles about games that are missing write-ups (all post-2010, a lot of pre-2011)

2022 highlight videos need to be downloaded from YouTube and instagram

Fix/sort gallery of jerseys 

Add a page for friendlies/preseason

Add pages for player stats

Things I am looking for:

(I am willing to purchase, or would like to borrow to scan/photograph if not for sale)

Any audio/video footage of games, if it is in an analog format, I can try to get it digitized

Any media guides to purchase or scan, currently only have 2005, 2010 and 2012

Season programs for 1999, 2001, 2003-05, 2008, 2012-17

Stampede sheets for any games that are missing them

Team photos with player names for seasons 1998, 2000-05, 2007-10, 2012-17

Jerseys for most years, to purchase or photograph in high quality

Any unique printed items that can be scanned (for example season ticket brochures, stadium info, etc)

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